Using custom table styles in your Word template

How to use custom table styles
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With the Word Template Exporter for Confluence add-on it’s easy to use your own Word templates when exporting content from Confluence. All you need to do is create a new Word template (.dotx) which includes the styles you like.

There is one special rule to follow when working with tables. Tables have their own styles called Table Styles. In order for the template exporter to format tables with a custom style, you need to name the table style Confluence.

Step by step instructions

  1. Create a new Word template or open an existing template.
  2. Create a new table or select an existing table.
  3. On the “Table Design” tab click on the little arrow pointing down under the list of table styles.
    Word table styles
  4. If you would like to base your table style on one of the existing styles, select a style and then click Modify Table Style.... If you would like to create a style from scratch, click New Table Style....
  5. Type Confluence as the name of the table style. This is important. Without the name, the exporter won’t apply your table style when exporting content.
    Word Table style dialog
  6. Customize the table style to your liking.
  7. Make sure that your Word template contains at least one table with your style applied to it.
  8. Save the template to a .dotx file.

And that’s it. Simply upload your new template to Confluence and use it when exporting content. All Confluence tables will now be formatted with your custom table style.

If you have an issues, questions or feedback for us, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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