Custom list styles

How to use specific styles for bullet and numbered lists
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With the latest version of the Word Template Exporter for Confluence add-on it is now possible to define custom list styles. When defined, the exporter will use those styles for bullet and numbered lists. This post provides some background how the exporter works and shows how to define a custom style.

How the exporter applies list styles

The exporter decides which list style to apply by looking at the template:

  1. If the template contains a custom list style (see next section below), then it will be applied.
  2. If no custom style was found, the converter looks at existing numbering instances and definitions and picks the first one.
  3. If no numbering definitions were found at all, the converter will fall-back to a default style.

This means if you start with a blank template and include a formatted list, the converter will most likely already pick the correct style. In this case it is not necessary to define a custom style. However, if this is not the case or you want more control over the formatting of lists, please read on.

How to define a custom style in your Word template

Similar to custom table styles, the exporter will look for styles with specific names. For bullet lists that’s ConfluenceBulletList and for numbered lists it’s ConfluenceNumberedList. Here’s how to create these styles in Word:

  1. Create a new Word template or open an existing template.
  2. On the “Home” ribbon, click on the “Multilevel List” dropdown. Then select “Define New List Style…”
    Word table styles
  3. A new dialog opens where you can define your new list style. If you would like to create a style for a bullet list, enter ConfluenceBulletList as the name. For numbered lists enter ConfluenceNumberedList.
    Word table styles
  4. You can now format each level, by selecting a level (Apply formatting to) and then selecting different options such as the Symbol to display.
  5. After you’ve configured your list style, make sure that it is used in your template. If you use numbered and bullet lists, add those lists with all required levels to the template and make sure to format them with your list styles.
    Word table styles

To format an existing list:

  1. Right-click anywhere inside the list and select “Bullets and Numbering…”.
    Word table styles
  2. Then select the custom style.
    Word table styles

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